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LIFE WITH BIRDS is a web-comic strip about living with pet birds. The story can be funny, sad or heartwarming. It's a mix between personal experience and wild imagination of my life as an artist and a bird parent. All the characters in my comic are based on the real birds that I have/had. New comic is released once in 2 weeks here. Special bird comics (full page, several pages long) are posted on my Patreon for patrons only.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Summoning Petpet

Oh yes, this is so true! You can summon Petpet with a piece of tissue! That's his thing! XD Does your bird has anything that can be used for a quick recall training?

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Read comics about living with pet birds on my blog. I update my bird comic strips once a week. It can be funny, sad, heartwarming. It's a mix between reality and imagination. The style is yonkoma manga kawaii simple drawing, drawn by Emmilia (Emmil) Thomas. Don't forget to check my unique bird themed gift store, PETOPET. High quality products with beautifully painted art, funny cartoon about birds (parrot, finch, zebra finch, owl finch, java sparrow, gouldian finch, javan munia finch, spice finch, society finch, tricolor munia finch, robin, lovebird, cockatiel, budgie, parrotlet, parakeet, budgerigar, senegal parrot, conure, caique, quaker, lorikeet, eclectus, blue fronted amazon parrot, cockatoo, afgrey, macaw).

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  1. I would love to see a video of that! Sounds hilariously adorable.

    1. I tried to take a pic of him flying to my hand which held a tissue but Peanut photo bombed it!

  2. Mum and I both had colds, and Chico threw a MAJOR wobbler until I gave him his own tissue!

    1. He thought how could you both playing with new toys and not sharing it with him! :D

    2. it would be more hilarious if Chico could say ACHOOO! :D

  3. Yes, Fluffy is exactly the same for tissue and kitchen paper.
    Great cartoon Em, love the character you get into these :D


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