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LIFE WITH BIRDS is a web-comic strip about living with pet birds. The story can be funny, sad or heartwarming. It's a mix between personal experience and wild imagination of my life as an artist and a bird parent. All the characters in my comic are based on the real birds that I have/had. New comic is released once in 2 weeks here. Special bird comics (full page, several pages long) are posted on my Patreon for patrons only.

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Monday, March 14, 2016


I like salads, just not carrots! Raw carrots is EEW... unless it's blended with other fruits into smoothie... My finches don't like raw carrots either. Only my lovebirds and sparrow eat their carrots.
What about you and your birds? Do you eat your carrots? :D
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  1. Great stuff Em, my slim parrot sitting beside me thinks so too :D
    He loves carrot occasionally.

  2. Pepe eat carrots everyday, else he'll have carrot withdrawal. And when he eats carrots, he usually mutates himself into an orange breasted personata lovebird. :D

  3. Birds can eat and eat and eat and reian slim becuase they excorise a lot


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