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LIFE WITH BIRDS is a web-comic strip about living with pet birds. The story can be funny, sad or heartwarming. It's a mix between personal experience and wild imagination of my life as an artist and a bird parent. All the characters in my comic are based on the real birds that I have/had. New comic is released once in 2 weeks here. Special bird comics (full page, several pages long) are posted on my Patreon for patrons only.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Why women rule

Because men are sissies... in my lovebird colony. :D The females are like amazon women, very fierce and much stronger. So, for example, if I need to clip Pence's nails, he will hide behind Papao because he knows Papao will make a stand and bite me. Pepe has learned the advantage of being a sissy and copied his dad's attitude fast. Peewee looks like he has some balls first but his balls will drop as fast as his heart when he sees the nail clipper... and he'll hide behind his GF, Pippin... All my previous lovebirds were like that too. What about your birds? :D
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  1. My Alexandrine was always the big pants in the family, she dismembered a rather large huntsman spider to save Fluffy :D

    1. Wait, since when u have 2 birds? I thought u only had Fluffy??


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