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LIFE WITH BIRDS is a web-comic strip about living with pet birds. The story can be funny, sad or heartwarming. It's a mix between personal experience and wild imagination of my life as an artist and a bird parent. All the characters in my comic are based on the real birds that I have/had. New comic is released once in 2 weeks here. Special bird comics (full page, several pages long) are posted on my Patreon for patrons only.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Patrons' reward

Because everybody loves porn!! :V
Well, I did some research on Patreon to see what other artists offer for patron rewards. Most of them will offer the NSFW version of what they do. If they paint illustration, patrons can see the same art they show for public but with no clothes on the characters. If they draw comics, they will make some short comics with sex scenes of their characters or fanart characters. It's like a side story of something that will never happen in the main plot. So in my case, it would be like Pipi gets hot over Peanut and ask him to hump her all night long. Or if it's a fanart... well, since I'm a bird artist, it would be something like the Three-eyed crow from Game of Thrones x Donald duck ? :D

LOL. Nah, I won't do porn. But I have decided new photos and videos of my birds will be exclusively available for my patrons only from now on. There are two reasons that help me made my mind. 1st, people will keep stealing my bird photos/videos for whatever purposes even if I have watermarked them. 2nd, as much as I'm sick of the thieves. I can hardly blame them alone since thief fans are supporting their works. If society love to see the stolen pics, fave them, share them, ... I'd be the odd one out that look wrong for whatever justice concept in my head. They might even call it naivety. So yeah, if some people are happy looking at a blue headed pionus laying its head on a watermelon with text "Oh Watermelon... You understand me." three times a day on their Facebook news feed posted by some pages they follow, I should probably post one too on my FB page. It's like a comment I read on those pages, "I've seen this pic before, but it still makes me smile!" So yeah, giving new original contents for these people are like throwing diamonds to pigs. For those who'd rather see new cute photos than old bird memes posted a million times before, do join my inner circle on Patreon. Please click the orange banner below for more info. :)

If you understand the frustration behind my harsh talk and for a reason you can't join my Patreon yet, don't feel guilty or offended since I'm not trying to make you feel bad for not being able to spare $2 a month for an artist and her 11 birds. I'll never put a gun on one's head to gimme $2, this is not about you personally, but I'm seriously fed up being used and couldn't do anything about it. This is the first step to protect my works. Even if you can't be my patron now, as long as you understand why I'm doing this, you have my heartfelt gratitude. :)

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  1. Peanut, the Playgirl model of the year

  2. It's a blue headed pionus that loves the watermelon. Very different and much, much prettier birds than amazons. :)


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